There Will Be Seals

There Will Be Seals

Listen. I can absolutely promise there will be seals. I can also promise one will look like the late Freddie Mercury.

Just as Volume 1 in the Forgotten Scotland Mini-reads series begins to worm its way into public consciousness (like mildew), work has already begun on Volume 2.

In fact, work began on Volume 2 very late last night, assisted by a dram of semi legal cask strength Dalwhinnie from 2005, sourced from ‘someone off the rigs’. (It’s all you need to know).

Lots of people who have read ‘Sheep and Other Stories’ have liked the fact that sheep, otherwise peripheral figures in the history of ‘litricha’, managed to achieve a fairly prominent role. Well, in Volume 2, it’s the turn of the humble seal to enjoy a twirl on the big moderately sized stage (thinking the kind of stage you might get in your average British Legion premises).

Volume 2, entitled: ‘My Life Through Colin’ is more coastal in its feel and contains the award winning story of the same name. Over the three stories, sthere’s fish (and chips), a bit more pubs (write what you know), daft folk, mussels, seals and a budgie. Some of it will make you laugh but you might need a hankie as well, unless you are a man, in which case crying is socially and morally unacceptable.

I’ll keep you up to speed with how it’s coming along as we approach the September publication date (no, not the whisky). Apologies, in advance, to the estate of the late Freddie Mercury.

And thanks to all of those who have read ‘Sheep and Other Stories’. Your support of independent authors is greatly appreciated. If you liked it, please leave a review on the Amazon page and give it a rating. It all helps. Remember, too, you don’t need to have a Kindle to buy the book, you can download a FREE Amazon Kindle reader for your computer by googling FREE Kindle Reading Apps.

PS: Song of the Week: This will get you going into the weekend. Did it for me.

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Kenneth Paul Stephen

Kenneth Paul Stephen is an award-winning short story writer, journalist and PR consultant.
In 2010 he won the David Toulmin short story prize.
In 2011/2012 he won a Scottish Book Trust New Writer award.
In 1977, he won a drawing competition at Butlins (his proudest career achievement to date).
His short stories have been published in leading literary magazines and anthologies.
He is the founder of Heartland Media and PR. His clients include Scotland’s gamekeepers, Penguin UK and crime authors James Oswald and Ed James.

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