Oops, I'll better do something

Ostrich Impressions And The Kingdom Of Fife

It always happens and I shouldn't do it. No way. From time to time, I do, and I always feel alarmed. Bad mistake! Error, repeat. Yet, I gone and did it again, did I- consulted THE DIARY!!!!

It was in doing so, last, that I realised I actually have to give a talk this week on Wed evening at the Gateway to the Glens Museum in Kirriemuir (7.30pm). In itself, that's fine. As a note in a diary, it just sits there, some words, a date. Then there was this thought that, wait a minute, I actually have to do something about that. Notes in diaries have this really sick habit of approaching and trying to cosy up. People started asking me things and saying they might even.... turn up. Jeez. That is a bit sudden, I thought. An Unexpected Action. It is clear there are a lot of decisive people out there, which is probably good for Scotland, etc and most possibly, the economy. Yip, some people decide they will go to a talk or something and then they just... do it. No, 'whoa, hold on, let's think about this', just bang, we're there. Arses on seats. One thing I must say, whilst my disorganisation was waxing its fullest, many people were being very, very nice. Some people sent things; pictures. People I have not spoken to or seen in years. It was lovely. I was terrified. I thanked them.

So, Christ, I'll better stop writing this and go and do something.

PS: If you come and see the talk, please remember I am both un-prepared and, quite probably, terrified. But I promise I'll try my best....

PS: The picture was a note I left to myself this morning on the dining room table. If I lock the inside door, the cleaner can't get in. Nothing more.

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Kenneth Paul Stephen

Kenneth Paul Stephen is an award-winning short story writer, journalist and PR consultant.
In 2010 he won the David Toulmin short story prize.
In 2011/2012 he won a Scottish Book Trust New Writer award.
In 1977, he won a drawing competition at Butlins (his proudest career achievement to date).
His short stories have been published in leading literary magazines and anthologies.
He is the founder of Heartland Media and PR. His clients include Scotland’s gamekeepers, Penguin UK and crime authors James Oswald and Ed James.

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