Homecoming: What's the distance between Padanaram and Forfar?

BOOK TALK: Have I just edged into Forfar Gala Week by 2.4 miles?

I attended a launch party, but don't know if I did

I attended a launch party, but don't know if I did.

The Longer Thing (Ahem — All Will Be Revealed)

Please forgive me. I am not good at keeping promises. I am not, like, a liar, as such, it’s just that I get distracted and then there is a sort of …shuffling.

A Massive Festive Thank You to Special People

With Christmas a day away, I’d like to pass on a sincere thanks to everyone who has patiently put up with my nonsensical stream-of-consciousness.

Christmas Blog — 2014: The Snowglobe

Christmas approaches and 2014 is drawing its last. Judging by some of the illnesses kicking round my house, it will wheeze and cough its way out.

Oops, I'll better do something

It always happens and I shouldn't do it. No way. From time to time, I do, and I always feel alarmed. Bad mistake! Error, repeat.

Tractors and a fairly bad pair of shorts

Today, in the Courier, I was described as a 'grown up author' which is probably about the first time anyone has referred to me as grown up.

On the changing of popular sayings

Who’s for a proposal to amend a popular saying? Time flies when you are having fun.

Talking and things…

I will be talking about my ‘growing up in Angus’ influences in ‘Sheep and other Stories’

Publicly Speaking

Probably to the embarrassment of everyone who knows me, I have had a bit of publicity recently in some local press.

Ostrich Impressions And The Kingdom Of Fife

The Ryder Cup made me do 2 things... 1/ Today, it made me spend the morning with my children doing impressions of lemurs and an ostrich at Camperdown Zoo.

Tale of An Angus Pub

Today of all days, September 19th 2014, may be - for diverse reasons- a good day to talk about pubs. Many people, for different reasons…

Breaking News: 'My Life Through Colin & Other Stories' Out Now!

I am delighted to announce that Book 2 in the Forgotten Scotland Mini-reads series, ‘My Life Through Colin and other stories’ is now available on Amazon, priced 81p.

New Cover For Sheep And Other Stories

I am delighted to announce that, thanks to the creative design skills of Brian Copeland of Graphic Clinic, 'Sheep and Other Stories'

Panic… and The Next Cover

Today, I got the sweats. It wasn't particularly hot. Those calendar sweats. Those ones when you realise you've only actually got 3 weeks to complete a major project.


A big ta goes out to all of you out there who have made this week the best so far for downloads of ‘Sheep and Other Stories’.

There Will Be Seals

Listen. I can absolutely promise there will be seals. I can also promise one will look like the late Freddie Mercury.

At Least My Friends Are Talented

John Donne was right: No man is an island. We are wrongly shaped for a start, though, if we were, I'd probably get Unst while everyone else grabbed a share of Jersey.

But… I Don't Have a Kindle

Some people, quite rightly, have pointed out the fact they don't have a Kindle and, therefore, couldn't read 'Sheep and Other Stories', even if they wanted to.

The Things You Miss

I missed the opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. I have this habit of being out of the country when major celebrations of nationhood crank up.

Sheep and Other Stories- now available on Amazon

Well, here it is. At long last, the first Forgotten Scotland mini-read entitled, 'Sheep and Other Stories'.

Nearly There — Sorry For the Faff

After a few weeks of 'faffing' in the way only I can faff, the first Forgotten Scotland Mini-read is nearly there.