Set in the remote places miles from the Central Belt, the Forgotten Scotland Mini-reads series is the work of Scottish Book Trust New Writer award winner, Kenneth Paul Stephen.

The first Mini-read, Sheep and Other Stories, is now available on Amazon Kindle - click here

The second Mini-read ‘My Life Through Colin and other stories’ is also available on Amazon Kindle, click here

Set in a Scotland coming to terms with the Independence Referendum, each micro-collection focuses on the voices at the fringes of modern Scotland; the sheep rustler, the list-making dreamer, the keeper of caged birds; the reluctant fisherman. The book equivalent of an EP, each Mini-read is perfect for a journey or an extended period in a lay-by waiting for roadside recovery...

My Life Through Colin
Sheep Other Stories Forgotten Mini reads ebook

Writing Biography

Kenneth Paul Stephen

Kenneth Paul Stephen is an award-winning short story writer, journalist and PR consultant.
In 2010 he won the David Toulmin short story prize.
In 2011/2012 he won a Scottish Book Trust New Writer award.
In 1977, he won a drawing competition at Butlins (his proudest career achievement to date).
His short stories have been published in leading literary magazines and anthologies.
He is the founder of Heartland Media and PR. His clients include Scotland’s gamekeepers, Penguin UK and crime authors James Oswald and Ed James.

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